How to Iron Men’s Dress Shirts : How to Iron Dress Shirt Front Sleeves

Learn how to iron the front of the sleeves of a men’s dress shirt in this free video with clothes care tips from our ironing expert.

Expert: Donna Beth Joy Shapiro
Bio: Donna Beth Joy Shapiro, a well-known style-maker, hostess, and historic preservationist.
Filmmaker: oliver webb

Duration : 0:3:5

[youtube a_JlhLnJM98]

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22 Responses to “How to Iron Men’s Dress Shirts : How to Iron Dress Shirt Front Sleeves”

  1. Bikerboy1750 says:

    I alwasy see my mom …
    I alwasy see my mom doing that, stills looks really hard to do. it kind of helps they explain little detail.

  2. Cangirl29 says:

    I hate ironing …
    I hate ironing men’s dress shirts…I actually loath it.

  3. LeliaCristiya says:

    Did you make this?
    Did you make this?

  4. sjunor says:

    god – what a pain …
    god – what a pain in the ass

  5. summerkissxx says:

    if your reading …
    if your reading this you can’t stop. I’m mary, i’m 15. i have long black hair, no nose, black eyes, and a white dress. if you don’t send this to 5 comments in 5 minits i will come stand next to your bed with a knife and kill you. if you do i will come give you a prize

  6. oamao84 says:

    did she say spray …
    did she say spray starch on?

  7. nenuvirsune says:


  8. xcjoe10 says:

    never realized …
    never realized doing it the right way was such tedious work. ignorant is bliss in this case. but i guess i have to correct my wrongs and wow according to this lady there’s a lot of mistakes i’ve been making.

  9. m00ph00 says:

    it takes me over 20 …
    it takes me over 20 minutes to iron one of my shirts in the morning. it sucks

  10. morehn says:

    maybe do it at …
    maybe do it at night?

  11. m00ph00 says:

    “maybe do it at …
    “maybe do it at night?”

    then it would just take me 20 minutes to iron one of my shirts at night. this solves my problem how?

  12. morehn says:

    perhaps you’re bad …
    perhaps you’re bad with timing in the morning and it would be easier at night when you’re not pressured to go to work.
    perhaps that’s irrelevant.
    just saying.

  13. bluepersona says:

    such a pain..
    I …

    such a pain..
    I avoid the pain by ignoring the sleeves altogether and rolling them up

  14. Duaineml0 says:

    The camera is not …
    The camera is not pointing to what you are doing so not really helpful – however your speech is articulate.

  15. abujp1993 says:

    me tooooo lol
    me tooooo lol

  16. Myobokuuzan says:

    you iron your own …
    you iron your own dress shirts?? I thought most people usually have their wives do it, or send it to the dry cleaners


  17. Myobokuuzan says:

    Maybe on the …
    Maybe on the weekend or any time you don’t have to go to work. Then you can use that time to iron your shirts. I iron mine when I come home from work.

  18. bluepersona says:

    Having recently …
    Having recently realized that I don’t have a wife and that getting one comes with too many strings, I decided to opt for the dry-cleaner option.

  19. Myobokuuzan says:

    Oh. Well, you’ll …
    Oh. Well, you’ll probably find someone perfect for you some day 🙂

  20. sjsawyer says:

    I find ironing this …
    I find ironing this part of the shirt particularly satisfying. I don’t know why I just do… Okayyyyyyyyyyy soooo…

  21. hollowtip98 says:

    This video is funny …
    This video is funny …what makes no sense about it is the fact that if someone is a good enough presser they shouldn’t have to say this part is particularly hard to do , isn’t that a little discouraging shouldnt the goal of the video be to encourage pressing the sleeves and make it seem easy to do

  22. frankconjr says:

    you dont know my …
    you dont know my mother-she is the Ironing Queen. there wouldnt be any wrinkles period sleeve or any part of that shirt. Im pretty good with the iron (for a guy-that is) but not as professional like her. Clothes look better than the cleaners when shes done with em

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