How to Iron Men’s Dress Shirts : How to Iron Dress Shirt Backs

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Learn how to iron the back of a men’s dress shirt with expert clothes care tips in this free video clip.

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[youtube Pr4uqm3U-os]

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6 Responses to “How to Iron Men’s Dress Shirts : How to Iron Dress Shirt Backs”

  1. ormes75 says:

    thankyou for your …
    thankyou for your help…..”spray is the way”

  2. BICKris says:

    life saver 4 real …
    life saver 4 real thank you

  3. Baltheir81 says:

    thats where i’m …
    thats where i’m going wrong

  4. johnnyboldt says:


  5. ZipMsp says:

    it didn’t seem like …
    it didn’t seem like an instructional video, more like a commentary on how awesome ironed shirts are..

  6. turtlegurllie13 says:

    if your reading …
    if your reading this you can’t stop. I’m mary, i’m 15. i have long black hair, no nose, black eyes, and a white dress. if you don’t send this to 5 comments in 5 minits i will come stand next to your bed with a knife and kill you. if you do i will come give you a prize

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