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Mens Designer Shirts – Custom Designed T shirts & Designer Hooded Sweatshirts

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

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Mens Designer Shirts – Culorz – Custom Designed T shirts & Designer Hooded Sweatshirts

The best custom designed t shirts & mens designer sweatshirts. Culorz is the urban worlds newest brand. Subscribe to Culorz and be upadated with the latest with what Culorz has to offer.

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Fuze Organic Cotton Mens

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Fuze is a socially conscious apparel company created by two altruistic artists who feel that we, as world citizens, are empowered to make a meaningful difference in every choice we make. Fuze aims to bring about a cause – and – effect awareness into the world of high fashion and glamour, of catwalks and consumerism.

Fuze merges conscious consumerism with designer fashion, adding a revolutionary and effervescent twist.

Fuze believes that in every choice we make, we have the power to contribute and give back with little sacrifice. Through thoughtful everyday choices in our lifestyle, we can have a much greater positive impact on the world around us, blending consumerism with heart, intermingling fashion with philanthropy, merging differences through similarities.Fuze empowers you to create differences through the choices you make.


Shirtmaker for Mens Designer Shirts

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

La Rukico Tailors- Suits, Tuxedos, Sports Jackets, Blazers, Shirts. The great thing about a custom shirt from La Rukico is that you are buying a truly made to measure shirt. You can have a New York style white collar and white cuff on any type of custom shirt, you can have the sleeves finished with French cuffs, and you can pick from many different collar styles.

Your custom shirt can be made with a fly front or regular button down front. You can also have your custom shirt with or without a breast pocket and you can place a personal monogram anywhere on your made to order shirt.

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Styles of Men’s Shirts

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Bosom Shirt – This is the man’s formal white shirt with starched bib front. The bosom shirt was worn in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The collar and bib front of shirt fabric and the rest of the shirt are made of an inferior fabric, sometimes knitted.

Bowling Shirt – A shirt designed to be worn by men for bowling. They are often personalized with the name of the individual on the front and the team name on the back of the shirt.

Camp Shirt This is a conventional front-buttoned shirt with a notched collar. They are usually made of woven cotton and polyester blends in solid colors, prints or blocks of color.

Cardigan Shirt – This is a collarless, front-buttoned shirt with round or v-neckline that is like a cardigan sweater although it is usually made in lighter-weight knits. The name is derived from the Seventh Earl of Cardigan, who needed an extra layer of warmth under his uniform during the 1854 Crimean War.

Cartoon T-Shirt – A conventional tee shirt that has been screen printed with a slogan or cartoon. It has a round neckline and short sleeves.

Cavu Shirt – A long sleeve man’s sport shirt. They were popular from the 1940’s to 1950’s. They have a single pocket on the left and a pointed collar.

Are clothes sizes getting smaller?

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

I’m a 32 yo guy and thought only women had this problem. It used to be mens clothes were standard sizes. Women had the problem with size variance. My XL shirts from years ago are loose fitting even today but now I can’t even get into a XXL size. They are making clothes for tall people but everything is super fitted and doesn’t accommodate broad shoulders or any type of a belly. What has happened? Specifically, please answer all of the following:

1. Are sizes getting smaller?
2. Why?
3. Are designers not aware our nation is getting obese – they are leaving money on the table by shrinking the clothing – why are they giving up the larger market for a smaller one?

Please help me out here. Am I going crazy? Your thoughts appreciated!
Sailor – what article was that – I would be very curious to read it. Thanks!

Also – I agree with being healthy but I think the fashion designers are doing it more out of snobbery than public wellness.
For Sonia – The boutiques have smaller sizes than the chains – there is a high correlation between how fashionable an item is and how small it is

For Sara – I see your point about saving fabric but again to my question #3. There are 300 million americans. Let’s say 100 million are “thin” and 200 million are “fat” – don’t the designers want to sell 200 million shirts instead of half as many? All the answers thus far do not make economic sense. They defy the laws of our capitalistic society. Let me ask the question another way…

4. Who gets richer from clothing sizes getting smaller and do they have more power than those getting poorer by the trend?

1. yes I believe they are making clothes smaller these days.
2. Why you may ask? I really don’t know for sure but perhaps there doing it to save money. Use less fabric on a certain item plus less work.
3. I don’t know? These days its the “thing” to be skinny.

Everybody is into to fashion and trends its insane how everyone copy’s each other, there like clones. Know one can think there own way any more. Everybody has to know what there friends are thinking before they can make there decision.
I don’t think its right for people to judge any one by there weight, nobody has the “perfect body” (whatever that may be).

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Satori Cali Lion Tee – Mens

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


Satori Cali Lion Tee - MensSatori Cali Lion Tee – Mens

Heavy duty 100% cotton or cotton/poly. USA/Imported.


Look at these Quality Mens Designer Shirts…

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

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Jermyn Street Shirts by Hilditch and Key Jermyn Street Shirts for men. Hilditch and Key, makers of the finest quality shirts since 1899. Hilditch & Key has long been recognised as London’s leading Jermyn Street shirt maker with a reputation, among the discerning, for the finest gentlemens’ shirts, knitwear and clothing as well as an increasingly popular ladies shirt and knitwear collection.

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Where can I get cheap mens designer shirts on line?

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Where can I get cheap mens designer shirts on line?

Many brands/designers offer special discounts and sales on their web pages that are not offered in their stores. If you google the designer name with the words “sale items” or “discounted items,” this may bring – up specifics. Otherwise, just type in brand name and see if there is a link for “clearance” or “close – outs” when you get to the site.

Also, Craig’s List has categories for all sorts of things; I have found great deals (type in craig’s list and a dash [-] and then the city you live in, example: craig’s list – San Fransisco). and are good resources, as well.

Belisi Lavender Lust Button Cufflinks

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Belisi Lavender Lust Button Cufflinks

A outstanding pair of lavender button cuff links. The design is simple yet elegant and would look great on the cuff of a white shirt! Enjoy these designer mens cuff links.


Can I wear this Ralph Lauren long sleeves with jeans?

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

I wanted to wear a semi formal attire and I’m planning on wearing this Ralph Lauren long sleeves with a pair of designer jeans.

Of course you can would look nice